A Focused Activity

Callisto assists and advises management teams in the preparation, structuring and implementation of a Buy-Out. Its mission includes the negotiation of the management investment scheme and financial package (management package).

Throughout the period of the Buy-Out, Callisto keeps supporting its clients, in particular in the case of a large acquisition, and at exit, when the private equity fund sells its stake.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the Private Equity market (investment funds, investment banks, financing banks, lawyers, auditors etc. ), Callisto is the investment bank of management teams.

Callisto is involved in a wide range of transactions (mid-caps and large-caps).

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A Unique Position

Callisto is an independent company, protected from any conflict of interest.  Fully owned by its partners, it supports management teams exclusively and does not take any mandate from financial investors.

Callisto is the undisputed market leader in France and one of the leading players in Europe for this type of specific mission. Its professionalism and know-how are recognized by the Buy-Out industry.

An Unparalleled Experience

Callisto was founded in 2005, and has confirmed its leadership since then. Callisto has advised management teams in more than a hundred Buy-Outs, both mid-caps and large-caps, whether primary or secondary Buy-Outs.

Callisto has interacted with all prominent funds active in Europe.

The four Callisto partners enjoy a long experience as partner in private equity, investment banker or advisor to management teams in Buy-Out transactions.

A Strong Technical Expertise

In order to get the best of the negotiation, Callisto provides its clients with:

  • Its in-depth knowledge of investment funds (objectives, motivations, constraints, added value, team profile, track record …), investment banks, financing banks, law firms…
  • Its technical expertise based on in-house sophisticated tools designed to model the LBO and the management package.
  • Its unique benchmarking database.

Our Credentials

Since its inception in 2005, Callisto has conducted more than a hundred mandates on behalf of Management teams in the context of Buy-Out transactions