Independence and absence of conflict of interest are the founding principles of Callisto.

Callisto is fully owned by its partners and only advises Management teams.

Callisto advises its clients in full independence vis-à-vis any private equity firm or any other market player such as investment banks.

Defense of our Clients’ Interests

Callisto’s objective is to optimise its clients’ interests:

  • their financial interest
  • their rights as shareholders (particularly regarding governance and liquidity)
  • their individual protection in case of conflicts, especially for executive officers with no employment contract


Callisto obtains outstanding conditions for its clients with a pragmatic approach:  our mission is to deliver the best deal for our clients, without damaging their future long term relationship with the upcoming financial shareholder.


Callisto is striving for excellence:

  • optimizing the financial performance of the management package, providing transparent communication with managers, and informing them about potential risks and upsides
  • interacting with bidders and all advisers involved in the transaction
  • implementing precisely the signed agreements

Technical skills, reliability, precision and client focus are the qualities that our clients praise us for. Above all, we get things done.

From the standpoint of sellers and bidders, Callisto’s involvement in a disposal process contributes to securing a deal (although Callisto advises the Management teams exclusively), as its professionalism is acknowledged by all market players.


Callisto applies strict confidentiality standards, whether it comes to client data or other process information.